Tried & tested 5 restaurants

The past month I’ve been on many date nights with my beau to enjoy the foodie heaven side of Melbourne. Of course I could write a blogpost per restaurant (as I did with a few), but it’s more efficient to inform you in just 1 article 😉 Tulum – 217 Carlisle street, BalaclavaAlthough the word ‘Tulum’ makes me wander off to the Mexican little heaven … Continue reading Tried & tested 5 restaurants


Hosier Lane is touristy, yet it is a great place to visit as the murals change rapidly. This week I walked through it again and noticed the work of Mimby Jones ART. I can’t say it was very political or hid a message (which I might have missed of course) but maybe that is not always necessary. It caught my eye and only back home … Continue reading Girlpower