My name is Saskia and in May 2019 I moved from Utrecht, The Netherlands to Melbourne, Australia together with my beau, our offspring and dog.

Back home I had my own funeral undertaking company. I worked with great joy for 10 years. We focussed on a younger age group with more personal wishes. It was hard at times, especially when I became a mom myself. But it was always beautiful, stylish and impressive.

Because my beau got a job offer down under, I’m now here and unemployed. As a funeral director I know life can take turns. It’s best just to follow and make the best of it. Lucky us, Melbourne is a fantastic city. I am very much in love with the vibe, the low and high rise, the art, the great restaurants, the beach, the parks and most importantly the friendly people. We don’t know for how long we’ll be here. It could be a few years or it can become permanent. Who knows and who cares?

This blog is for me, to write and experience this city. And for you to read and enjoy.