White Night

This year White Night is spread over three nights, or evenings. You can see light inspired projections, installations and performances just by wandering through three parks. As many people told me about this event, of course I had to go and see.

We started at Carlton Gardens to see the Mad Max Fury Road performance. It doesn’t help that I don’t know Mad Max… although I got a pretty good idea after seeing the show. Technically it was awesome, but for me personally it was a bit too aggressive.

Mad Max

We walked further through the park and there were some installations and DJ’s. I think we were too early as it was still tame 😉

Next stop was Treasury Gardens, the so called “Sensory Realm”. It was great! There was this huge colourful projection on a large building that kept on going. I placed a video of it on my Instagram account (@themetropolitanmom). There were some more interactive light and sound installations to explore.

Treasury Gardens

Last stop was Birrarung Mar, the “Physical Realm”. In this park there were many performances, mostly aerial. It was funny to hear they used a song by a Dutch artist, Sorry by Kyteman.

Water Light Grafitti; you can tag or design whatever you want,
but after the liquid vapours your work is vanished..

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