A Midnight Visit

A performance experience, that’s what A Midnight Visit is. Still vague right? In Melbourne North, an abandoned warehouse with 36 rooms is transformed into a dark dreamlike world. While you wander around from room to room, strange characters speak, play and act around you. You can open doors and cabinets to find hidden passageways or little works of art.

It is supposed to be a funeral home, and being an undertaker myself, I was curious what they would have made of it. It was largely inspired by the life and works of Edgar Allan Poe. Being Dutch, I know Poe, but more by name than by his work (mea culpa). So I looked it up afterwards; he’s all about mystery and the macabre as well as a drug addict. That explains the setup. However, it is miles away from what a funeral home (should) look like hahaha.

It was somewhat experimental and fun. When you’re after something else than dinner for date night, you should consider a visit!

House of Usher – Funeral Services
222 Macauly Rd, N Melbourne

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