Sandwich to die for

I recently wrote about that heavenly sandwich by Smith & Deli? I forgot the name so I went back. And again, it was great. If you wanna try it yourself, it’s The Wiggum.

I checked the Urban Dictionary to find out what Wiggum stands for:
a) Chief Wiggum for the Simpsons
b) Paycheck
c) Friendly pet
If I had to guess the correlation, I would go for option b) as you kinda need your paycheck if you order here. $15 for a sandwich did surprise me to be honest. In was busy in the shop (which looks so nice you wanna buy everything), so it’s a matter of supply and demand I guess. It being busy is a good thing though, as more people should try vegan food.

Smith & Deli – 111 Moor St, Fitzroy

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