Vegan heaven in Fitzroy

When I first arrived in Melbourne I just wandered through Fitzroy. It was love at first sight. It’s raw and happening, the shops were great and the vibe appealed to me. But…living here with 2 little children might not be the best choice. Had it been just us two, hell yeah, this would have been my spot. Nevertheless, while wandering around, I saw a man and his daughter eating a sandwich that looked very good. I went into the shop they had just left. It turned out to be a vegan place ‘Smith & Deli’ and as I could not chose, I asked what their best sandwich was. I was not disappointed haha, it was great. I never quit catch the name however…

When we finally moved to Melbourne, I of course had to have that sandwich again (still on my to do list). But also, I had to eat in their restaurant: ‘Smith & Daughters’. We went and it was great; the taste was good and diverse, the music was loud but not too loud, the service was good, friendly and unfortunately also too fast. Maybe that is the concept, but for me it made us feel unwelcome.

photo credit : Smith & Daugthers

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